About the Creation of SanDelites Candles

SanDelites Candle Co. was created after my mother Sandy, who passed away some years ago, my mother was such a delight to be around, and when she entered into the room she would light it up with her smile and personality.  How befitting to name my candle shop after her SanDelights.Here at SanDelites we want to do somthing different, instead of creating the traditional candle, I wanted to do something fun, unique, and exciting; that's not only appealing to the nose through smell but something uniquely appealing to the eye.
I wanted something that you can't just find in a regular store.  I wanted to create a unique brand that is exclusively made with love just for you.
Why purchase from SanDelite Candle Co, because each candle is hand poured with love and with you in mind.  My desire is to awaken those wonderful and funfilled memories of joy.

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